Digital solutions for petroleum industry

We offer software solutions for the oil and gas industry. Explore the advantages of our geological software. For us, the words innivations or artificial intelligence are not just PR terms, material products and processes.

Machine learning

ReLoc allows you to predict net pay thickness map of oil and gas reservoirs using neural networks. Powered by machine learning.

PetroLoc allows you to calculate a predictive map of reservoir water cut and remaining reserves using a set of input maps (net pay, average permeability, reservoir pressure) and point (well) data using neural networks. Machine learning on board.

3D reservoir modeling

Legenda allows you to interactively view 3D geological and dynamic models of reservoirs, as well as plan and analyze the development of oil and gas fields.


ReLoc 1.0 release

We are pleased to announce that the ReLoc software version 1.0 has been released. You can download the program for...
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ReLoc v1.0 beta is available now!

Starting today, the beta version of the ReLoc software is available for download. To receive a free copy of the...
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Video instruction for ReLoc software published

On Youtube uploaded a video tutorial to the ReLoc software. Use Artificial Neural Networks to Predict Net Oil and Gas...
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