Discover the possibilities of your 3D reservoir models

We provide unique software solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our flagship product Legenda allows you to interactively view 3D geological and dynamic models of reservoirs, as well as plan and analyze the development of oil and gas fields.

Using software Legenda you can: 

  • import your models, wells, production data;
  • evaluate the quality of building or history matching of the model;
  • view the distribution of petrophysical properties of the reservoir, saturation in 3D space;
  • make intersections for selected wells in a few clicks;
  • analyze changes in saturation over time; 


Developing new software for reservoir prediction

The Ufa-Geonics team is developing new reservoir exploration software based on seismic maps and machine learning technologies. The software was...
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Open beta testing of Legenda software

Dear friends, we are happy to inform you that now you can download and test our software. Please follow the...
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Legenda software video tutorials

We are pleased to announce that the publication of video tutorials on the use of our product Legenda on YouTube...
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